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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Welcome And Hi Hi Hi To You

Emm....I'm nothing to talking about this time,but I'm just going to express is not same isn't it?...ok,ok...Hi for everybody!

I'm now actually still studying in somewhere university in north Malaysia,but I feel kinda bored to stay here mainly at univresity's holiday season.Study?....I don't really like studying except studying for something new.New I mean here is not related to my subject I have taken now.

I'm still thinking,why I'm going here if I'm not studying but just relaxing.Why I'm not find some better job outside there?for the first time I'm step here that's were playing in my mind.Actually,I'm feeling lucky to be going here because I'm here can learn somethuing I had never learn before.I'm can build up this blog because I'm stay here...Long Live I'm Here!!!

Those three picture shown somewhere place in my university.It is placed in noth Malaysia in Kedah,in district of Sintok.


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