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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Kinda Bored

For yoday,the day I'm write this post,I'm really bored with do nothing until morning to night.In the morning,I woke up about 11 am.After that,I'm go online to check something but I'm found nothing.So,I go back to my room and get some sleeping.....Even I just woke up,I don't know why I'm going to sleeping back.Maybe I'm really bored,nothing to do.

After wake up back,I getting bath and going to had a dinner.....Wahh!!The price of the food become so high laa at holiday season here.Usually,food like Nasi Ayam is RM2.5o it's price but at that time I had to pay RM4 for the same menu.It is a big price for me as a student especially in critical financial like this time.

After had a dinner, I'm go online back and do what should I done.And at that time I build up this blog.Ihave no idea yet bit I know it will coming soon.Holiday season like this time here are really quiet,majority of student here are go home for about I week.Actually,there are several activities that I can join but I didn't like the activities,you need to to pay and more it is a boring activities you know.Better for me to stay here.But maybe in the future I will take part in the activities like this if I had a chance.


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