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Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Day Was A Bad Day For Me

Tonight,I was lose my room key...emm..Actually not lose,I left the key at my room accidentally and I'm going to getting bath then I'd locked the door meanwhile my key was inside.How can I'm going insde,open the door without the key?
Luckily,I still can open the door without crush the door roughly.I can demand a duplicate key at my college's office.But it make to waiting it until tommow (Monday) because the office were close at Sunday.
Now I have to borrow some money from my friend when I want to buy some food,it is because my wallet (of course contain money) were left inside too.

I don't know what activities I will do today,maybe it is still the same as yesterday.Like Malay called "makan tidur makan tidur".I have nothing to do.But maybe I'll read a book that my friend lended to me.The book is not related to my subject I have taken here.It is a bussiness book.Yes,mention about bussiness I'd like to say that now I do something thatb I can called a bussiness.But I won't talk what bussiness,what type of bussiness I take part now.I just doing this bussiness also because of financial problem and this bussiness was a simple way to solved my problem but I'm not going to say this is easy to get money but it is need less effort and less cost to do.I hope it will work.


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