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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Manga Manga Manga Manga

Dragon Ball
I love manga.I've read manga since I was a kid when I was in primary school.First manga I have read is Dragon Ball.This comic was giving me so much influence to go on read manga and drawing manga until now.I'm not the one who were influenced by Dragon Ball but almost of the kids at that time were big fan of Dragon Ball.I believe that you who are read this is a Dragon Ball too.Not only manga,but Dragon Ball appeared in the television siries as anime siries.
In the school at that time, we were always talk about Dragon Ball,bring Dragon Ball comics in the school and we're read it together.Start from it,I learn drawing myself by drawing favourite character from Dragon Ball.I remeber the first character I've try to draw refer to Dragon Ball comic is Pikor or called Majumia in anime.Start from static drawing and then I try to draw character's action in the Dragon Ball made me become a good drawer.But now I less practise,maybe busy in my new routine life.Someday I will start practise drawing back.Maybe I can become a good manga artist.


Actually Kreko give me almost inspiration when I want to start drawing.Why Kreko?
Kreko is manga megazine that contain so many good manga.That is mean Kreko contain of variety and different style of manga,show uniquely of manga and I can get differnet stlye for different refferences there.Most manga comics appeared on Kreko is popular comic in Japan, also in the world.Well-known comics such as Naruto,Eye Sheild 21 which is start on Kreko when I'm in form 4, Kyo Samurai Deeper and new popular manga comic like Fullmetal Alchemist and Bleach made Kreko top Malaysia manga meagazine until now.


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