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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Arghh...I'm Always Wasting Time.

Argh....Holiday season running but my work still not done yet.I have so many time to make it but I'm act like I have no time.I'm busy stay with my friend here,wasting my time just watching movies and playing game.Another part were wasting my time is surfing internet.I don't know what I looking for except make new post everyday to thhis blog.
My time management this one week holiday is really bad.Late when going to sleep and of course wake up also late..hehe..I'm still thinking now about my studying now.I don't know but maybe I can't keep studying here if I act like this.Somebody please give me advise...Arghh...

Nofx: Pumps Up The Valiumns

I like this NOFX ep,list it to your favourite album..haha..Actually,I'm really like punk rock.Anybody of you like punk rock?Let me know...huh..


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