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Friday, September 29, 2006

Selamat Berpuasa Di Bulan Ramadhan

The day when I wrote this post is day seven of fasting day in Ramadhan moon. I think now time is getting faster to move, I didn't noticed that Raya is almost near.Raya will coming soon!! What a most waiting day when I'm studying here.
But what a sad thing is, maybe I'm just stay here or follow some of my friend to celebrate Raya here. I can't go back home and celebrate Raya with my family. It is all about money and time. If at that Raya holiday season I'll given more time and money maybe I will go back home.

The first day I fast it seem that I have not eating at subuh time. Like no sahur
guy!! The first day of fasting day here is we're still at holiday time, last holiday days. But at 9.30 am, I went to Penang to follow a seminar start from 2 pm. I don't know what kind of seminar it is, but it some type of carreer seminar I think. But actually I don't wanna go there unless I to be force to going there. Some kind of thing that wasting my time.
The third day of fasting day is like I have no sahur, like the first day of fasting day.Accidentally I have no class at that day.So, what I'm going to do is just sleep and have long rest at that day.Like no activity to be done...haha...
The rest of the day I start feel regular back with fasting. The thing that bothered me before this is just "a trying". Everything else come upon you, bothered you while fasting is just trying for you while you fasting.
Lastly, Selamat Berpuasa Dan Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan!

Friday, September 22, 2006

My Old School Class Picture -Upper 6 Economy (SMK Tandek)

The picture above is my last year class picture.The picture were taken at August month (but I don't really remember the date) for annual megazine of my school.If you look carefully at the pucture, you could find that I'm not available there.Really bored at that time,I stay in somewhere then I don't know the information that my class will snap a picture at that day.I miss a time that my picture to be snap together with them,I supposed to be there.Any of you interest to be friend one of them?....hehe....

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Arghh...I'm Always Wasting Time.

Argh....Holiday season running but my work still not done yet.I have so many time to make it but I'm act like I have no time.I'm busy stay with my friend here,wasting my time just watching movies and playing game.Another part were wasting my time is surfing internet.I don't know what I looking for except make new post everyday to thhis blog.
My time management this one week holiday is really bad.Late when going to sleep and of course wake up also late..hehe..I'm still thinking now about my studying now.I don't know but maybe I can't keep studying here if I act like this.Somebody please give me advise...Arghh...

Nofx: Pumps Up The Valiumns

I like this NOFX ep,list it to your favourite album..haha..Actually,I'm really like punk rock.Anybody of you like punk rock?Let me know...huh..

Manga Manga Manga Manga

Dragon Ball
I love manga.I've read manga since I was a kid when I was in primary school.First manga I have read is Dragon Ball.This comic was giving me so much influence to go on read manga and drawing manga until now.I'm not the one who were influenced by Dragon Ball but almost of the kids at that time were big fan of Dragon Ball.I believe that you who are read this is a Dragon Ball too.Not only manga,but Dragon Ball appeared in the television siries as anime siries.
In the school at that time, we were always talk about Dragon Ball,bring Dragon Ball comics in the school and we're read it together.Start from it,I learn drawing myself by drawing favourite character from Dragon Ball.I remeber the first character I've try to draw refer to Dragon Ball comic is Pikor or called Majumia in anime.Start from static drawing and then I try to draw character's action in the Dragon Ball made me become a good drawer.But now I less practise,maybe busy in my new routine life.Someday I will start practise drawing back.Maybe I can become a good manga artist.


Actually Kreko give me almost inspiration when I want to start drawing.Why Kreko?
Kreko is manga megazine that contain so many good manga.That is mean Kreko contain of variety and different style of manga,show uniquely of manga and I can get differnet stlye for different refferences there.Most manga comics appeared on Kreko is popular comic in Japan, also in the world.Well-known comics such as Naruto,Eye Sheild 21 which is start on Kreko when I'm in form 4, Kyo Samurai Deeper and new popular manga comic like Fullmetal Alchemist and Bleach made Kreko top Malaysia manga meagazine until now.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Eating, Eating, Eating.....I Have No Eat Or I Have Nothing To Eat?

Hah?!What does that mean?....Actually both the phrases above are right.It is happen last night when I wake up about 5 pm and still not eating yet.It is because I late to woke up at the morning,about 11 am but I went to wash my clothes.After that,I get some rest and accidentally feel sleepy and sleep larr...Kuat aku tidur...haha....
After woke up at that 5 pm,have a coffee and then surf internet.Hah...I'm still didn't feel hungry at that time.Then until almost 8 pm I still didn't have any food.I went to the nearby cafe,it is closed.I didn't have any choices except went to the mall and buying some snake and a tin soya drink.Just a snake and a tin of soya drink were filled in my stomach.

Now our university still in holiday season.Made me so bored here.Why I'm not go back to my home?No way men,I'm now in Semenanjung Malaysia but my hometown is Sabah.So far from here.If I go back,the cost is so high.

What I'm going to do now?...........emmmm.........Let me think...
No idea,haha............

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Day Was A Bad Day For Me

Tonight,I was lose my room key...emm..Actually not lose,I left the key at my room accidentally and I'm going to getting bath then I'd locked the door meanwhile my key was inside.How can I'm going insde,open the door without the key?
Luckily,I still can open the door without crush the door roughly.I can demand a duplicate key at my college's office.But it make to waiting it until tommow (Monday) because the office were close at Sunday.
Now I have to borrow some money from my friend when I want to buy some food,it is because my wallet (of course contain money) were left inside too.

I don't know what activities I will do today,maybe it is still the same as yesterday.Like Malay called "makan tidur makan tidur".I have nothing to do.But maybe I'll read a book that my friend lended to me.The book is not related to my subject I have taken here.It is a bussiness book.Yes,mention about bussiness I'd like to say that now I do something thatb I can called a bussiness.But I won't talk what bussiness,what type of bussiness I take part now.I just doing this bussiness also because of financial problem and this bussiness was a simple way to solved my problem but I'm not going to say this is easy to get money but it is need less effort and less cost to do.I hope it will work.

Kinda Bored

For yoday,the day I'm write this post,I'm really bored with do nothing until morning to night.In the morning,I woke up about 11 am.After that,I'm go online to check something but I'm found nothing.So,I go back to my room and get some sleeping.....Even I just woke up,I don't know why I'm going to sleeping back.Maybe I'm really bored,nothing to do.

After wake up back,I getting bath and going to had a dinner.....Wahh!!The price of the food become so high laa at holiday season here.Usually,food like Nasi Ayam is RM2.5o it's price but at that time I had to pay RM4 for the same menu.It is a big price for me as a student especially in critical financial like this time.

After had a dinner, I'm go online back and do what should I done.And at that time I build up this blog.Ihave no idea yet bit I know it will coming soon.Holiday season like this time here are really quiet,majority of student here are go home for about I week.Actually,there are several activities that I can join but I didn't like the activities,you need to to pay and more it is a boring activities you know.Better for me to stay here.But maybe in the future I will take part in the activities like this if I had a chance.

Welcome And Hi Hi Hi To You

Emm....I'm nothing to talking about this time,but I'm just going to express is not same isn't it?...ok,ok...Hi for everybody!

I'm now actually still studying in somewhere university in north Malaysia,but I feel kinda bored to stay here mainly at univresity's holiday season.Study?....I don't really like studying except studying for something new.New I mean here is not related to my subject I have taken now.

I'm still thinking,why I'm going here if I'm not studying but just relaxing.Why I'm not find some better job outside there?for the first time I'm step here that's were playing in my mind.Actually,I'm feeling lucky to be going here because I'm here can learn somethuing I had never learn before.I'm can build up this blog because I'm stay here...Long Live I'm Here!!!

Those three picture shown somewhere place in my university.It is placed in noth Malaysia in Kedah,in district of Sintok.